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We are a family-owned and operated business that breeds the best German shepherds in Maryland. Our dogs are bred for temperament, health, and beauty.

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We, as passionate dog breeders, carefully plan each mating with the intent of producing offspring with the desired standards and temperament of the breed – certainly a challenging but exciting task!

German Shepherd Dog Breeder In Maryland

What is Dog Breeding?

Dog breeding is an incredibly rewarding experience and an art form we are truly passionate about. German Shepherds are particularly popular in this pursuit; not only are they attractive, friendly dogs but they also have unique temperaments and personalities that make them an instant, loving companion.

However, before you can breed German Shepherds responsibly, there are multiple considerations to keep in mind. Here at Bear’s Shepherds we look for desired behavior patterns and traits—not just looks. We also consider intelligence and obedience abilities.

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Working Line

German Shepherds have long been prized for their intelligence and loyalty, but we also offer German Shepherds specifically bred and trained to work with law enforcement.

This carefully crafted breeding process and intensive training puts these German Shepherds several notches above others. This specialized process helps to strengthen their survival rate and increases pain tolerance, ensuring that they can handle the rigors of working in law enforcement. German Shepherd dog breeding has always been a passion of ours and we take great pride in providing well-bred German Shepherds for those who rely on them every day.


Our German Shepherd Breeding Program is the result of 20+ years of hard work and dedication to one goal – creating a healthy, reliable line of German Shepherds that can be enjoyed by families around the world. We aim to do this with integrity – each breeding cycle is carefully planned and monitored to ensure that breeding decisions are sound. We believe in doing justice to dog breeding, which is why we strive for excellence in everything we do. When you pick our services, you are picking a team who love German Shepherds and have dedicated their lives to continually improving the breed. Our dream is to create a German Shepherd line with no health problems and we can’t wait to make it a reality!

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Interview & Approval Process

Getting a German Shepherd dog from Bear’s Shepherd starts with the interview process. This process is designed to ensure that the puppy will be going to an appropriate home in which it can receive all of its necessary care. To get started, prospective pet owners must speak with our owner and provide information on their experience with German Shepherds, their ability to provide adequate care, pet insurance, and even photos of where the dog will be living.

After approval, applicants will be contacted for a second interview, where they will learn more about preparing to bring the newest addition into their family. This exciting process can lead to big rewards as German Shepherds possess courage, loyalty, and protectiveness, making them a wonderful choice for companion pets!

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Stud Services

German shepherd dog breeding can be taken to the next level with a stud service agreement. By obtaining a specific, high-quality German shepherd stud dog for the purpose of mating and breeding with a female German Shepherd, German Shepherd enthusiasts all over can create their perfect German shepherd puppies!

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